Speech Therapy Malaysia – FAQ March 2014

Feb/March 2014 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Speech Therapy and How Does It Help My Child?

I think this is one of the few important questions that parents will have in their minds. In order to answer this question, let understand what is and isn’t speech therapy.

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What Speech Therapy (ST) is not.

Speech Therapy is not a magical quick fix to your child’s communication problems. Although speech therapy is a form of treatment/rehabilitation; nevertheless it does NOT work like medication or surgery that gives immediate recovery.

Speech Therapy is not just some play sessions with the child OR just some learning lessons.

Speech Therapy is not some fixed programs for different speech disorders or one program suits all children with the same speech problem.

It is a myth that your child will be fully recovered or become “normal” after speech therapy.

It is a myth that anyone also can provide speech therapy, especially since all the therapist does is just talk to the child and play with him.

What then is Speech Therapy (ST)?

ST is a short term to long term therapeutic journey, which may last from a few months to years. The duration of therapy needed will depend on various factors such as the type of speech problem, the severity, the frequency of therapy, and support from others.

ST is focusing on improving the communication ability of the child. Play or other activities are just the means use to achieve communication goals.

ST is therapy activities tailored to each individual child with clear objectives based on the professional assessment and observation of a child’s speech & language skills.

ST aims to minimize the impact of communication disorders and developing the child’s communication skills to its fullest potential.

While that is what speech therapy sessions look like on the surface, but it is not that simple as talking and playing. It involves carefully planned activities, the use of specific resources and trained techniques to increase the desired communication skills.

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