About Speech Beacon

As parents of young children, the founders of Speech Beacon™ can fully understand the heart of a parent toward their children. All parents, even in Malaysia, wish their child will grow normally and healthily in their physical, emotional, mental and all other areas of development.

When parents find out that their child is having communication difficulties and/or special needs, it is often very challenging and some may feel anxious, lost, frustrating, sad, and even helpless. It is often a long journey in searching for answers, solutions and remediation.

Speech Beacon™ is committed to bring a ray of hope, the guiding light and direction in your darkness journey by providing effective and timely therapy, parental empowerment and help in resources, especially in Selangor, Malaysia. We have also launched our facebook page to facilitate communication with the public. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/speechbeacon/ for latest news and updates from us.

Speech Beacon™ – “A Guiding Light to Better Speech Development”

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